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New Release: Angle of View 2.0

A fully customizable angle of view calculator / field of view calculator / "crop factor" / magnification factor / "range factor" calculator with sensor size editor & database, and NEW sensor format comparison diagram 

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Angle of View makes sense out of sensor sizes and shows what millimeters actually mean. This fully customizable, gesture-based AoV calculator shows the actual angle your camera sees at any particular focal length (the millimeters of your lens), and performs real-time updates of the physical size (in feet or meters) of your camera's field of view (FoV) as you move a subject distance slider between limits you can set. AoV features a unique sensor size comparison bar, which shows five formats of cameras at the same time along with their relative "crop factors" and focal lengths based on the current selection

The main screen is all gesture based for easy operation, but everything's fully customizable, including a "sensor size database" you can use to save and load any format you wish, specifiable in terms of sensor size aspect ratio (e.g. 35mm film, Full-Frame digital, APS-C format, Four Thirds format, etc.).

All new for iOS 7 and redesigned from the ground up, every aspect of Angle of View has been thoughtfully reconsidered and redesigned for the new OS's look and feel.

NEW IN 2.0: View five sensor sizes drawn to-scale on your iPhone screen. Each drawn rectangle is a 100% accurate real-life-scale outline of your specified sensor size. If in doubt, measure it with a ruler and see for yourself. Finally see how much smaller "APS" sensor formats are compared with actual APS film. See how similar 4/3" formats are to 110 film. View the cropped area of a DSLR when in video 16:9 mode. Wow your friends and colleagues. :D 

Plus, free upgrades for life, including the upcoming universal iPhone/iPad version! 

Advanced Features:

** full CoreData database for sensor formats

** all data and settings are persistent and stored  

** full multi-level undo/redo support in editor mode 

** supports multi-aspect ratio sensors (GH2, LX5, 


** supports cropping sensors for 16:9 mode or any other
aspect ratio (5D Mk III, 7D, D7100, etc.)

** customize/create sensor formats

** tells you the "Range Factor" of any lens on 

    any format

** add a new sensor format via the sophisticated new
Format Editor

** Full-color, seven-page PDF user manual is built 

    right into the app, always available.

** lifetime free updates, including free update to

    iPad-compatible version (when it finally comes out)


One-handed operation with multi-touch gestural support:

** pinch the angle to set a "measuring tape" 

    distance for a to-scale reference

** move the slider to set distance-to-subject

** spin the numbers to set lens focal length

** switch between feet or meters with just one 


** all controls respond instantly

** quickly change between sensor formats

** customizable dashboard for your top five 


Complex trigonometric equations computed in real-time:

** angle of view in degrees for horizontal, vertical, 

    and diagonal dimensions across the field of 

    view (FoV)

** fully featured field of view calculator 

** horizontal & vertical distances across the focal 

    plane update smoothly in real-time as you 

    move the slider 

** you select a format to serve as the base format, 

    then the app computes the equivalent focal 

    lengths and relative magnification factors ("crop 

    factors") for the other four sensor sizes, relative 

    to the base format size 

** ever wondered what the crop factor is from 

    35mm to 120? Now you can make snobby, 

    well-informed comments to your "full-frame

    friends about their crop-sensors...

** you set the measuring tape length, and the app 

    shows you how big that size would be, relative 

    to the total horizontal distance across the image 

    frame, also updated smoothly in real-time as 

    you move the slider  (useful for planning shots)

** (height of the image frame is displayed 

    numerically only at this time, additional views 

    planned for future)

Fully customizable via settings screen:

** add new focal lengths to the spinning selector

** customize the min/max distance range for the 


** add a new sensor format to any of the five slots

** edit an existing format and save as new, or 

    modify existing

** browse your library of sensor formats, 


** choose a format to work with, or delete the

    ones you hate 


New in Version 2.0 - Oct. 2013
* ADDED support for iOS7 and iPhone 5/5S/5C
* NEW Sensor format viewer
* NEW aspect ratio tolerance percentage setting
to fine-tune automatic calculations of aspect ratios
* NEW Format Editor
* NEW red-on-black “darkroom” color scheme
* ADDED support for user-entered aspect ratios like 2.35:1 or anything else
* FIXED the scaling behavior of the measuring tape when pinching with the pinch gesture
* FULLY MODERNIZED code under the hood
* ADDED support for decimal values in the focal lengths! Now you can enter any lens’s actual focal length like 6.2mm, 10.4mm, etc.
* ADDED a few secret things that aren’t enabled yet
* ADDED resizable format names in the format size viewer
* RENAMED “absolute zoom” to “range factor”
* ENHANCED user interface


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